Sunday, January 04, 2015


I've been looking at my sock WIPS as Christmas vacation draws to a close.  I started 2 new sock projects over break:  one for my dad and one for me:

There are others as well, several, in fact, in various stages of completion.  All in their own ways magical, I've abandoned them for a variety of reasons.  Often it is so I can knit on something newer and shinier.  For 2 of the projects, I left them because of being stuck in a particular spot.  I want to finish all but one of these socks and mend some others for my January knitting.  It may take more than a month!

 This sock has a problem...maybe it's me with the problem!  I can't remember what pattern I used to start it.  I love the pattern, have looked through all of my books and patterns, all of Ravelry, but can't seem to find it.  HELP!  I'd rather not frog these!
 Lovely circle socks.  I'll finish these; getting tired of circles, though.  Look below:
 More circle socks.  Maybe for next Hallowe'en!
 Frogged!  I ran out of handspun yarn to finish them.  No worries!
 These are a challenge.  I don't love knitting mosaic stitches.  The charts throw me.  But it fits so far and I'll tackle them again!
 Yikes - I am lost in the chart here.  I love the yarn and the square Kollage needles I'm using.  But I seem to be off in the chart and need to get the right mind space to find myself and continue!
 These simple skyp socks are great!  I love the yarn and the sock rocket needles and just need to get down to business to finish them for my youngest son.

And thrums!  What's hard about worsted socks?  I worry about the mohair thrums slipping out, but they are fun to knit...I got in a few rounds today.  I'm thinking I can knit a bunch of these for my quilting friends for next Christmas.  We'll see.

Nothing that a little dedicated time and attention won't fix.

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